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restaurant SET menu

       Package includes


  • 5 Course Meal

  • 4 Starters, 4 Mains

  • 2 Dessert

  • Tea or Coffee

  • Welcome Drinks

  • Canapes

  • Unlimited Soft Drinks 

  • Free Parking 

£32.00 PP

       Package includes


  • 3 Course Meal

  • 4 Starters, 4 Mains

  • 2 Dessert

  • Unlimited Soft Drinks 

  • Free Parking 

£27.00 PP





Served with Mango, Chilli and Mint Chutney.

Vegetarian starters

Chatpate Sweet Potato
The succulent pieces of mouth watering tangy sweet potatoes marinated and gently grilled in charcoal oven with twisted and enchanting flavors of spicy tamarind, rock salt, honey, chilli flakes, roasted cumin and freshly squeezed lemon juice, finishing with freshly cut green coriander.

Hmm…this yum yum mouth-watering appetizer is to chill out your inner self with array of amazing layers from its distinct flavors of crunchy mixed bean sprouts, chickpeas, pomegranate, spiced potatoes and crispy papri topped with tempered yogurt, tamarind and mint chutney, sprinkled with green coriander and roasted spices.

A chef special vegetarian delight created for food lovers to cherish soft and melting vegetable kebabs made from tenderly kneaded roasted gram flour with hand picked massalas and finely chopped corn, beans, green peas and potatoes.

Onion Bhaji 
The famous crispy onion pakore made in gram flour batter with green chillies, coriander and handpicked granny’s spices in a traditional Indian street hawker style

Pan fried crispy Indian cheese served with fresh onion, capsicum and flavoured with Szechwan sauce.

Sadabahar Sheekh (N)
Golden flame roasted chunks of Paneer, mushroom, capsicum, broccoli, pineapple and red onion marinated in distinct flavors to incite your taste buds for the sense of complete fulfillment.                


Non-Vegetarian Starters

Chicken Tikka 
Tender pieces of chicken marinated with hung yoghurt, authentic hand grounded spices and Kashmiri chilli paste, glazed in medium fire charcoal grill

This delicious, melt-in-your-mouth chicken kebab is marinated in hung yoghurt, cream, paste of ground nuts, mild spices and char coal grilled, till the chicken becomes juicy and tender.

Seekh Kebab 
Minced Lamb tenderloin blended with spices, herbs and paste of onions, ginger and garlic. Baked to perfection on a skewer in clay oven.

Amritsari Machchi 
Named after the city where it is originated, famous north Indian fish coated with especially mixed flour and secret spices, crisply fried to the perfection.

Vegetarian Main Course

Aloo Mehfil (N) 
Half cut Potato filled with chopped cottage cheese and herbs, tenderly cooked in mild spice curry and cream

Bombay Aloo
Potato chunks delicately cooked on slow fire in covered pot (DUM) with the famous Bombay spices, fresh tomatoes and hint of ginger

Bhindi Ki Sabji
Baby Okra crisply stir-fried with red onion slices, green chillies, finely chopped tomatoes and hand crushed spices.

Paneer Jaipuri (N)
This extremely popular Chef Special exists in our menu since our inception. Its speciality is in the unique blend of gravies gently cooked with freshly chopped capsicum, sliced onion and dices of homemade cottage cheese.

Palak Paneer 

Its deliciousness arises from its simplicity and natural flavors when fresh green spinach is slowly cooked with cubes of cottage cheese, whole spices, garlic and tempered with cumin seed, tomato & onion tarka.

Assorted garden fresh vegetables delicately cooked with aromatic blend of spices, fresh mint and tomatoes.

Malai Kofta (N) 
This vegetarian delicacy is a queen of every special occasion menu and was invented hundreds of years ago in India to server Mughal Royalties that soon founded its place in the heart of food lovers it became a must if one wishes to truly relish something vegetarian. It is prepared with specially made dumplings from fine paste of cottage cheese, nuts cooked slowly with gravy of tomato, cashew nuts paste, mild spices, dash of cream and aromatic saffron.

Meloni Tarkari(N) 
This healthy option was created when our Chefs were looking to freshly cook garden baby vegetables in mild gravy retaining all its nutrition. Its unique flavor comes with the juices of innocently cook hand picked baby corn, baby carrots, broccoli, mushroom, asparagus and French beans in the gravy containing fine paste of white onion, selected nuts, hung curd , coconut and home made mint-green chili puree.

Dal Bukhara 
This world-renowned Indian black lentil dish is delicately cooked overnight in its own soup retaining all the nutrition with the traditional Bukhara way on charcoal tandoor. If fine texture comes from low simmer in passive heat all night with handpicked whole spices and garlic, then finished with fresh tomatoes, ginger and dash of cream.

Dal Tadka 
Harmonious combination of yellow lentils tempered with home made Punjabi tadka of cumin seeds, curry leaves, tomato, garlic, ground spices, bit of butter and topped with green coriander.

Punjabi Cholle 
Chickpeas cooked in special massala with onion ginger and coriander


Non-Vegetarian Main Courses


Traditional Chicken Curry 
Baby chicken Breast slowly cooked with home recipe of whole spices, battered yoghurt and red onions. A simple chicken curry that otherwise is hard find as mostly it is overdone and decorated.

Chicken Madras (N)
Boneless chicken Breast pieces cooked in spicy gravy with coconut paste and madras chili. Best if you are taking the challenge to take your taste buds to the next level or just love hot flavors.

Chicken Karahi 
Strips of chicken Breast pieces cooked in a blend of gravy with onions, capsicum, few dices and topped up with green coriander.

Butter Chicken (N)  
Specially marinated chicken Tikka pieces slowly cooked in special gravy with bit of butter and topped up with cream.

Kashmiri Roganjosh 
A classic dish from Kashmir with rich red appearance, cooked in fresh tomatoes, paprika and red chillies.

A very mild fish with uplifting flavor prepared to melt in your mouth in a specially made gravy with allusion of coconut milk and curry leaves.



Butter Naan
Plain Naan topped with butter

Pilau RICE 
Saffron flavored Basmati rice cooked with cardamom, cloves, cinnamon and bay leaves

Mix Raita
Mildly spiced yogurt with chopped cucumber, tomatoes and green chilies 


Gajrela  Tart (N) 
Famous Punjabi dessert made by reducing fresh carrots in milk and ghee. 

Rasmalai (N) 
Poached flat dumplings of fresh cottage cheese in saffron flavored reduced milk.

Gulab Jamun 

Fried milk dumplings dipped reduced to a semi solid structure dipped in sugar syrup, with
a fragrance of cardamom.

Moven Pick Ice Creams (N) 

Vanilla and Chocolate



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